Dynamic4 Consulting. We design business strategy, brands, products & services

Dynamic4 Consulting

We design business strategy, brands, products & services. We partner with you to understand your business, the value you deliver and the people you deliver value to, by applying human-centred design and lean startup principles

Strategy, research & innovation


Strategy, research & innovation

  • Use ethnographic research, human-centred design and design thinking methods to understand the opportunity and build empathy
  • Apply lean startup principles and tools like the value proposition canvas, experiment board, lean canvas and business model canvas
  • Prototype and test business models and business architecture concepts
  • Digital strategy: connecting digital and the physical world - with a strong expertise in mobile
  • Technology strategy and architecture
Strategic Design. Product, service & experience design

Strategic Design

Product, service & experience design

  • Use ethnographic research to understand the opportunity and build empathy
  • Create service blueprints and customer journey maps to understand the full lifecycle and experience
  • Design integrated omni-channel experiences
  • Prototype and test product and service concepts
  • Identify the minimum viable product and experience to create prioritised product roadmaps
  • Experience (CX / UX) and interaction (IxD) design
Visual Design. Brand, visual & interaction design

Visual Design

Brand, visual & interaction design

  • Experience (CX / UX), interaction (IxD) and interface (UI) design
  • Responsive design of content managed websites, online shops and marketplaces – optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile experiences
  • Email campaigns
  • Brand and visual design
  • Digital and print marketing materials
Technology. Web development & digital solutions


Web development & digital solutions

  • Technology architectures and solutions
  • Design, build and support cloud services and technical infrastructure: servers, networks, data storage, PCs, mobility devices and peripherals
  • Office and datacentre builds and relocations
  • Service management: architecting, delivering and managing technology systems and process
  • Digital business solutions and data management
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